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Technology Drives Baking Advancements

Posted by Raymond Easterling on Feb 13, 2018 4:02:00 PM

Technology is making huge advancements in the baking industry. Recently, SOMAX’s Robert Thiel spoke with Food Processing magazine about how SOMAX’s IoT based CMMS is a game changer in maintaining not only equipment but also employees.

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Topics: CMMS, Food and Beverage Maintenance, Mobile CMMS, Internet of Things, IoT, bakery maintenance

3 Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your CMMS

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Aug 29, 2016 12:55:13 PM

Change is one of those inevitable facts of life. Things change, people change, everything changes, well, everything except your CMMS. Day after day your valuable system sits there performing the same tasks, pumping out the same preventive maintenance routines, checking out the same parts, creating, tracking, and closing the same work orders. Let's face it, your system is bored. So what can you do to liven up this relationship and get it out of the doldrums? By bringing your system up-to-date with modern technology, or switching to an entirely new system built with this technology in mind, you can give yourself, and your system, a much needed boost that will increase productivity, save time and money, and give you a new set of tools to grow and evolve your maintenance department. Here's three big changes you can make that will bring your system into the present, and prepare you for the future:

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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Internet of Things, Maintenance Management

Welcome to the Jungle: Tips to Organizing Parts in Your CMMS

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Aug 19, 2016 5:38:46 PM

Spare parts, rebuilt parts, broken parts, returns, warranties, stock parts, non-stock parts, part checkout, part return, lost parts, labels, counts...and that's just the start of a list encompassing everything about your store room! Whether you call it a parts room, store room, crib, locker, inventory area, or anything else, that place where you keep all your parts is vital to the success of your operation. Without those little pieces of wire, metal and plastic, among other things, your operation could be brought to its knees by a simple problem, creating crippling down time that can cost thousands, if not millions. So, how can you use your CMMS to ensure that your parts are always right where they need to be, when they need to be there? We've put together a few tips on how to organize your parts in your maintenance management software to best handle your store room.

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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Maintenance Management, Inventory Management, Part Store Rooms

7 Myths About CMMS: Busted

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 28, 2016 9:11:19 PM

CMMS software has changed a great deal over the last decade. With the introduction of web-based applications, SaaS models and mobile apps, the industry has grown and developed in ways that have enhanced software functionality, user-experience, and access to top-notch systems. However, there are still some common misconceptions lingering about with maintenance management software that we feel need to be addressed directly so we can continue to inform people about where the industry is, and also where it's headed. We've compiled a list of six myths about CMMS and debunked them for you. Enjoy!


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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, CMMS Setup

Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things for CMMS [Presentation]

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 21, 2016 4:49:54 PM

Not too long ago we gave a presentation on the Internet of Things, mobile apps, and CMMS at NFMT Baltimore and it was a total hit! While we don't have a recording of the event because I was busy helping, and recording would kind of be my job, and unfortunately I only have two hands, though it would be awesome to have more than two hands right? Though I suppose the custom shirts would get expensive...Okay back on track, we do have the slideshow that we presented so you can take a look at how mobile apps and the Internet of Things is altering the way we look at creating and using CMMS, and really software as a whole. We'll put up a full presentation soon.

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Topics: CMMS, Mobile CMMS, Internet of Things

How Apple App Transport Security Affects Your Mobile CMMS

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Here at SOMAX we talk a lot about mobile apps and how they'll affect the CMMS market now and in the future. One of the changes coming this year is Apple's application of App Transport Security on all App Store apps. Without getting into too much technical language, App Transport Security ensures that your apps are connecting to the web over a secure connection. For those of you that speak a little tech lingo, that's like putting https in your browser bar instead of http when you go to a website.

Most secure websites like banks, fund management sites, and enterprise applications like cloud-based maintenance management software already use https for security and to safeguard your data. With the increase in use of the Internet of Things and the heaps of data that will be collected as the IoT continues to grow, the importance of data security is at an all-time high. Understanding that apps will continue be designed to use secure data, Apple has required that developers use secure connections for their apps by the end of 2016. Just as a note, we think this is a good thing and are already planning ahead for the transition. So, what does this mean for you, the user of an enterprise CMMS app? To the user the changes will mostly be unnoticed, but there will be a great deal going on behind the scenes. 

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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Mobile Apps, App Transport Security

A Quick Introduction to the SOMAX CMMS Mobile App [Video]

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 7, 2016 12:30:00 PM

We're proud of SOMAX CMMS and the SOMAX Mobile App, and we believe that it can help our clients save time and money everyday. That's why we do what we do, to help you organize your maintenance departments, and make your life a little better in the process. Check out our introduction video to learn more:

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Topics: CMMS, Mobile CMMS

Top Three Reasons to Use a Mobile CMMS

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

With the growth of mobile apps over the past several years, many CMMS systems are now offering apps to complement more traditional computerized maintenance management software. Maintenance teams have the opportunity to schedule, track, and control work and inventory like never before, and we believe being mobile should be a top priority of any maintenance department.

Check out our top three reasons why using a mobile CMMS can really benefit your maintenance efforts:

1. Track Work More Effectively

One of the toughest aspects of running a maintenance department is ensuring work is completed on time, when it's needed, and that the work is tracked in your system. Tracking your work orders ensures that you know your team's time is being utilized and you don't create a backlog of open work orders. Work order backlogs mean important work could be missed, which means your assets and equipment could be close to breaking down, costing time and money.

By leveraging mobile as part of your maintenance management software you ensure your mechanics and technicians always have their work orders at their fingertips. Using mobile means your team can access, create, change, or complete any work order they need at anytime.


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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Maintenance Management

CMMS and Sanitation in Food Processing: Create an Audit Ready Facility

Posted by Jay Wright on May 16, 2016 4:28:11 PM

 Maintenance management in food processing facilities brings with it a unique set of challenges. It is not only important to plan, schedule, track and document maintenance activities, but to also do the same for sanitation and cleaning procedures as part of maintenance operations. Additional food safety checks are also required to ensure a safe and compliant maintenance process.

While most food processing plants keep a Master Cleaning Schedule, usually not enough is done to track and document proper cleaning of an asset after failure or unplanned maintenance. Food processing plants need a CMMS system specifically designed for them; with fully integrated sanitation tracking, food safety checks, and sign-off on all work orders.

Another reason to integrate sanitation with maintenance software is that sanitation personnel work directly with your assets on a regular basis during cleaning procedures. Having the ability to identify and report any issues noticed while sanitizing the equipment can significantly reduce preventive maintenance costs.

Auditors not only want to see work performed to maintain and repair assets and equipment but also a record of cleaning and sanitizing procedures, as well as sign-off and verification, before returning them to production. This sign-off is a critical step in continuing your facility's audit-ready status and maintaining BRC and SQF compliance.

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Topics: CMMS, Food and Beverage Maintenance, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Sanitation

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