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CMMS and Sanitation in Food Processing: Create an Audit Ready Facility

Posted by Jay Wright on May 16, 2016 4:28:11 PM

 Maintenance management in food processing facilities brings with it a unique set of challenges. It is not only important to plan, schedule, track and document maintenance activities, but to also do the same for sanitation and cleaning procedures as part of maintenance operations. Additional food safety checks are also required to ensure a safe and compliant maintenance process.

While most food processing plants keep a Master Cleaning Schedule, usually not enough is done to track and document proper cleaning of an asset after failure or unplanned maintenance. Food processing plants need a CMMS system specifically designed for them; with fully integrated sanitation tracking, food safety checks, and sign-off on all work orders.

Another reason to integrate sanitation with maintenance software is that sanitation personnel work directly with your assets on a regular basis during cleaning procedures. Having the ability to identify and report any issues noticed while sanitizing the equipment can significantly reduce preventive maintenance costs.

Auditors not only want to see work performed to maintain and repair assets and equipment but also a record of cleaning and sanitizing procedures, as well as sign-off and verification, before returning them to production. This sign-off is a critical step in continuing your facility's audit-ready status and maintaining BRC and SQF compliance.

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Topics: CMMS, Food and Beverage Maintenance, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Sanitation

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