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Welcome to the Jungle: Tips to Organizing Parts in Your CMMS

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Aug 19, 2016 5:38:46 PM

Spare parts, rebuilt parts, broken parts, returns, warranties, stock parts, non-stock parts, part checkout, part return, lost parts, labels, counts...and that's just the start of a list encompassing everything about your store room! Whether you call it a parts room, store room, crib, locker, inventory area, or anything else, that place where you keep all your parts is vital to the success of your operation. Without those little pieces of wire, metal and plastic, among other things, your operation could be brought to its knees by a simple problem, creating crippling down time that can cost thousands, if not millions. So, how can you use your CMMS to ensure that your parts are always right where they need to be, when they need to be there? We've put together a few tips on how to organize your parts in your maintenance management software to best handle your store room.

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Topics: CMMS, Maintenance Management Software, Mobile CMMS, Maintenance Management, Inventory Management, Part Store Rooms

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