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Top Three Reasons to Use a Mobile CMMS


With the growth of mobile apps over the past several years, many CMMS systems are now offering apps to complement more traditional computerized maintenance management software. Maintenance teams have the opportunity to schedule, track, and control work and inventory like never before, and we believe being mobile should be a top priority of any maintenance department.

Check out our top three reasons why using a mobile CMMS can really benefit your maintenance efforts:

1. Track Work More Effectively

One of the toughest aspects of running a maintenance department is ensuring work is completed on time, when it's needed, and that the work is tracked in your system. Tracking your work orders ensures that you know your team's time is being utilized and you don't create a backlog of open work orders. Work order backlogs mean important work could be missed, which means your assets and equipment could be close to breaking down, costing time and money.

By leveraging mobile as part of your maintenance management software you ensure your mechanics and technicians always have their work orders at their fingertips. Using mobile means your team can access, create, change, or complete any work order they need at anytime.


2. Monitor Part and Inventory Use

Parts clerks, terminals, PC checkout stations, parts cribs; the list of strategies used to control and monitor stock rooms is pretty extensive. What if they could all be replaced with a simple tablet or phone that is always within reach? With mobile CMMS apps, mechanics and technicians can quickly and easily scan part barcodes and QR codes straight from work orders within their mobile apps, and in a few seconds can help save thousands of dollars in misplaced, mismanaged, and unchecked parts by charging the part to the correct work order. 


Checking out parts and inventory on the spot, in an efficient manner, means you always know what stock is running low, needs to be ordered, or isn't being used much, so you can optimize your stock rooms and prevent over or underuse, which means dollars saved for your maintenance department, and organization. By using a mobile app for this process, you give your mechanics and technicians the tool they need to save their valuable time and keep them where they are best utilized, out in your facilities making sure everything is running smoothly. 

3. Set up Your System...Fast

When it comes time to set up your maintenance management software, the anxiety can start to take over. The process itself can seem daunting. Here's a few things that have to be done before your system will be effective:  

  • Tag and enter your equipment

  • Set up your work orders

  • Build your preventive maintenance jobs

  • Barcode and input your parts (and count them and get their locations!)

  • Not lose your mind...

We know that it takes a lot to set up a successful CMMS, which is why using a mobile app can be so helpful. Instead of going back and forth out into your facility, and then back to your desk to enter information, you can take your phone or tablet with you, snap a picture of the equipment or part you're entering, add all the information you need, and move on to the next item. Using mobile instead of the old set up methodology can save hours, if not days, worth of time setting up your system.

Using a mobile CMMS app enhances pretty much every function of your maintenance management software. From scheduling, tracking and completing work orders, to managing parts and inventory and setting up your system, using a mobile app can streamline everything you do on a day-to-day basis and revolutionize how your manage you maintenance department.

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