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Whew! Where does the time go to validate?

Where did the time go???

It’s been a while since SOMAX has posted to our blog and we wanted to say that we are still here! If you’ve ever been a maintenance manager, or worked around one, you too know how they can go “MIA” and are hard to track down.

We also have been this way while working on creating new modules and better functions in SOMAX. A lot of maintenance managers would like help in predicting, preventing, and documenting a lot of their plant activities. For instance, while driving home tonight wouldn’t it be great to foresee that if you kept traveling at your current speed, you’re going to run through the next camera-protected red light? I know for me I would like to know that and avoid any and all traffic tickets!

Use Todays Technologies

Armed with the technologies available today, in combination with SOMAX, can help you gauge the current operations in the plant. This helps you to examine potential failures before they become a major problem.

Take, for example, a motor for a critical piece of equipment that is routinely checked. It is reviewed to ensure it is operating satisfactory and examined for any visible damage. On the last check, it was found to be running ok and it had no visible signs of damage. However, the temperature of the motor was not recorded. Unknowingly, it has been running with an ever-increasing temperature over the past couple days! At this current rate, the motor is on its way to failing during the next 12 hours. Yikes! That would have been nice to realize before the maintenance staff leaves for the weekend!

Using SOMAX with the current technology like an IoT Temperature Sensor, the temperature of this motor could have been monitored to foresee the upcoming failure. Armed with this information, a technician could have been notified to investigate this situation before it became a problem. Preventing this failure from happening at a bad time (i.e. Saturday night at 2:21 AM) could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, lost production, and labor!

Finally, with documenting these situations in SOMAX helps you audit the current procedures to verify all tasks are being performed; or add new tasks like recording the motor temperature.