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CMMS: Expectations vs Reality


Everyone has expectations. whether they're about your food, your life, or your maintenance software, we all have them. Sometimes these expectation are right on the nose with reality, and sometimes they're a little out there. We've put together a few expectations that we've heard throughout our time with customers over the last year or so, and some realities for those expectations. Whether good or bad, we try to keep it real, so here's a few expectations and realities about CMMS.





It's Going to Be Hard

There are times when nothing scares us like learning something new, and you just know this is going to be one of those times. All those buttons, remembering what to click and when. Oh boy, you can already here the snotty consultant saying "this is going to be easy". Forget this, you're outta here!

It's Pretty Easy

Wait, performing tasks is straight-forward and there's apps, like for your phone? Yup, there's a total of about five screens to learn and you never even have to go on the computer. With newer CMMS, the product is designed for user-experience, not complication, and most employees take about 4-5 hours to really get comfortable.That doesn't sound so bad now does it?

You'll Be on It All Day

How will you ever get any work done if you're sitting on a computer all day? Sitting around waiting for the rest of the crew to enter their work orders is going to take forever and then clicking around. Or even worse, as a manager you're going to have to close all those work orders!

A Few Hours per Week Is Plenty

With mobile apps and streamlined dashboards, modern CMMS allow crew members to create and close work orders (among other time saving tasks) on the fly. No more waiting for others to use the one maintenance computer to complete work orders or check out parts. With mobile apps, everyone can complete their tasks in their own time.

It's Going to Sink Your Budget

Software is expensive, and with all the training and implementation it's going to be an arm and a leg!

It Costs Less Than a Coffee

Okay, this might not be exactly true, but at around $25 per user, per month, a modern CMMS does hit your wallet less than that vanilla latte you had today.

You'll Have to Start Over

You've spent years getting your system to work the way you like it. You've entered you're equipment, preventive maintenance, parts, the whole lot. You don't want to start over if you move to a modern system. 

You Can Bring Your Data

Data conversion to a new system isn't the same process it used to be. Highly skilled people can make sure your important data is moved into your new maintenance management software quickly and correctly so all those years of hard work getting you system to this point aren't wasted.  

 You're Crew Will Hate It

They already have a ton to worry about as it is, now there is going to be one more thing on their plate. Why would you want to take the time to make them do something you know they don't want to do? You don't want to add more to their workload!

 They'll Probably Love It

With mobile apps and a simple design, modern maintenance management software can actually enhance a maintenance team's day. Finding and checking out parts is faster, completing work orders takes one finger tap, and getting important information for management is easier than ever.  

 You Can Live Without It

You've got paper and a pencil, sticky notes, and a log book. You've done it this way forever. You'll be okay, right? 

 You Can, But Not as Well

We're not going to say you can't perform maintenance management without a CMMS, but why would you? Would you drive a car without brakes? Of course not. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.


Modern maintenance software can really improve the day-to-day activities of almost any operation. Not only are new systems simple and mobile for ease of use, they are also affordable so barriers to entry are lowered. With all the great benefits, and none of the old issues, there's never been a better time to begin using maintenance management software or to upgrade yours.

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