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Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things for CMMS [Presentation]

Posted by Phillip Thiel on Jul 21, 2016 4:49:54 PM


Not too long ago we gave a presentation on the Internet of Things, mobile apps, and CMMS at NFMT Baltimore and it was a total hit! While we don't have a recording of the event because I was busy helping, and recording would kind of be my job, and unfortunately I only have two hands, though it would be awesome to have more than two hands right? Though I suppose the custom shirts would get expensive...Okay back on track, we do have the slideshow that we presented so you can take a look at how mobile apps and the Internet of Things is altering the way we look at creating and using CMMS, and really software as a whole. We'll put up a full presentation soon.



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Topics: CMMS, Mobile CMMS, Internet of Things

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